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Her Art

Tiffany Kristine Behler creates photo realistic pencil drawings sometimes enhanced with mixed media backgrounds using oil crayon, colored pencil & even the computer. She claims to be self-taught regardless of her numerous classes throughout high school and college because she has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and since then has given herself more "assignments" than all her art teachers combined.

In early 2005 she went through a near fatal illness that left her completely immobile. As she regained the use of her body she created new finished pieces using scans of past pencil sketches and then utilized her computer to add colored backgrounds. Currently, in the summer of 2006, she is able to begin controlling a pencil again and is busy rehabilitating her drawing hand along with her ability to walk. "It's a race to see which one wins. So far it looks like my hand is going to beat my feet."

Her work is frequently shown in Minnesota's St. Paul Art Crawls. Check the exhibits page for all her current events.

Her Life

Born and raised in Minnesota, Tiffany still resides there with her husband, John and son, Alex. She comes from a large, tight-knit family of 5 girls and 2 boys.

"I am but one light among many in both my family & my circle of friends. While the common theme in my family seems to be the males having strong musical & voice talent and the females showing their talent with visual expression, this is by no means a strict rule. Many also thrive more on the left side of the brain, where their logic reigns supreme, and that is how they dazzle the world."

You can experience the talents of some of her friends & family by viewing the More Artists and the Links pages.

Her Portfolio

Tiffany discovered computer programming in high school in 1983. She attempted to blend these two seemingly opposing loves by pursuing the computer graphics field. She worked in the printing industry for 7 years until her health started failing in 2000.

As a freelance designer she helped several start-up companies to develop everything from logos, brochures and presentation materials, to product labels and websites, such as for Lifeline Energetics. She also donated her talents to many non-profit organizations designing anything from their brochures and programs to their logos such as for KHEL Charities.

Tiffany has designed and maintained this website, www.TriTiff.com, since 1999 and is currently in the process of building the website for The Little Red Hen a non-profit nursery in northern California.

Her Dream

Her recent brush with death in 2005 has brought her deepest, long-time yearning to the surface. To get under "the skin" of the computers she is always working on. With the hope that her recovery could bring her back to rejoining the work force, the thought of simply going back into printing isn't what she truley wants.

"I love to create art and will never stop. I am happy with exhibiting it as my own personal, creative expression and not just a client's desired design. The computer geek side of me wants to take over the aspect of co-creation to bring the balance back into my life. In my current state I am at least able to run my computer and am looking into obtaining a Computer Science BSIT degree, in Software Engineering via online courses."

To contact Tiffany Kristine,
email: TK@tritiff.com

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